Rosemount 56 Advanced Dual Input Analyzer

Rosemount 56 Advanced Dual Input Analyzer

Rosemount 56

The Rosemount 56  is a line powered analyzer offering single or dual sensor input with an unrestricted choice of dual measurement combinations. The Rosemount 56  measures pH, ORP, ISE, Conductivity, Chlorine, Dissolved and Gaseous Oxygen, Dissolved Ozone, Temperature, Turbidity, or Flow and will accept 4-20mA current input. The device is offered in 24VDC or 115/230 auto-switching AC. HART digital communications is a standard feature.

The unit supports SMART pH sensors by Rosemount Analytical. All configurations meet UL approval requirements for Ordinary Locations.

Special Features

• Full color display: High resolution full-color display (480 x 272 pixels)
• Local Operator Interface: Computer-like screens allow easy navigation for local configuration and routine calibration.
• Diagnostics: Continuous monitoring of the analyzer and the sensor loop(s) for fault and warning conditions.
• Data Logger: Records data from both channels and temperature every 30 seconds for 30 days
• Event Logger Audit Trail: Up to 300 significant events are recorded
• PID Control: Proportional, Integral and Derivative settings allow up to four analog current outputs to adjust a control device that has continuous adjustability
• Real-time Clock: Applies time/data stamps to all process data and events
• USB Data Port: Allows local transfer of all process data and events for evaluation on a computer
• Timer Functions: Time-proportional control, interval timers and four special application timers: bleed and feed, day and time interval timers, delay timer and a flow totalizer.
• Security Access: Two levels of password access
• Diagnostics: Continuously monitors and records the analyze and sensor(s) for fault conditions
• Wireless-ready: HART versions enable wireless transmissions of process variables and diagnostics from hard-to-reach locations with the Wireless THUM Adaptor.

Click to download Rosemount Model 56 Advanced Dual Input Analyzer Datasheet